I like theatres…

I like theatres…

Why? Which ones? You ask?

Ozone, Silverbird, New Metro? Hmm…quite nice and interesting places. Vivid pictures, enveloping surround sound, heart-pumping sound and visual effects with the added advantage of audience noise. Nice theatres to be in but not what I have in mind.

So what’s on your mind man-child?

Operating theatres?! With a myriad of noises from ‘tone-tone’ (I think that’s how the one I’m listening to right now sounds) beeping pulse monitors to soft rhythmic whistle of the Boyle’s ventilators to the ‘tsurrr’ sucking sounds of the suction machines to the whinny-whizzing ‘vzzzz’ sound of the hacksaw in orthopaedic surgery to the gentle zephyr of the recently fixed air-conditioners to the occasional ‘tom-tum’ of drops of fluid in the IV giving set to the ‘klank-klank’ of the jack for raising the operating table to the (sometimes annoying) ‘qlug-qlug’ sounds of someone’s clogs as she (yes, she!) walks up and down… to the mostly unnoticed but nasty (rare) ‘pffff…’ sound emanating organically (let the reader understand). Oh! How I love theatres….

I can visualise some ‘o y’all sneering and thinking ‘of course that’s Henry for you’ well sorry to disappoint you.

The operating theatre is quite interesting (of course you’ve seen Grey’s Anatomy even though it’s about Surgery as much as Ally Beal is about Law or The Italian Job about Italy!). Sorry to shock some of you but that’s not the theatre I have in mind this particular nite.

So what exactly is on my mind? Hmm…

It is a theatre of some sorts, infact it’s the quintessential theatre as far as early civilisation is concerned, the truth is the word theatre came from it. It’s called the AMPHITHEATRE.

From the stages of some amphitheatres have the world’s greatest orators spoken, the minds of nations have been swayed hither and thither by the force of words proceeding from such theatres. Words so strong the hearer is held spell-bound, words so smooth your worries fade away, words so deep a people’s conscience is stirred. Here, the intellectual capacity of a mind is expressed, with subtle changes in tone and force producing an altogether beautiful rendition of well-thought out and meticulous ‘cerebration’.

Readers do preserve the history of any people but speakers are the ones that chart the course for the future. The amphitheatre is the medium.

Speaking…, speaking to thousands of people without the aid of a note, reaching into the thoughts and the consciences of the audience and answering unasked questions, provoking deep and conscientious thoughts in the hearers and seeing the turn in societal values with a renewed outlook in the fabric of society… Aargh, the possibilities are limitless!

Yeah, I love theatres, amphitheatres particularly (at least for now).

Do you?



(c) 2010

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