Lessons from the Manger

  1. Even the Savior had a humble background
  2. Cherish your little possessions, it may house an august visitor one day
  3. If you run a hotel, always leave a room free for the unexpected.
  4. In whatever you do regularly, watch out for the unusual. That’s how the wise men recognized the star.
  5. If you are on the job stay awake, the shepherds who were asleep missed the angelic panorama.
  6. Be discreet, announcing your discovery before verifying it may cause the loss of many young lives.
  7. Move as soon as you see the star (inspiration) so that you can meet the target date.
  8. Don’t get too used to the mansion; you may miss the happenings in the manger. Shuttle in between…
  9. Distance is not always a disadvantage; men from abroad got there early enough.
  10. Proximity is not always an advantage if you’re a Pharisee (too far-to-see) or a Sadducee (too sad-to-see).
  11. Wise men still seek Jesus.
  12. While many slept, a great event was unfolding.
  13. Next time you visit someone strange, let them know your name, you never can tell who will be writing history one day.
  14. Don’t be surprised that your invention may not leave room for you too.
  15. A swaddling cloth can overnight come into vogue.





Olamiju Henry


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