My Song of Solomon

A song upon my bed, a song from one chamber of my heart to another, upon my string-less instrument of my mind.

My love, a gazelle among the flocks
I have awakened into your arms
Love me steady
Let me love gently
Let us be like two roes at the foot of the mountain
Let my love lift you above the highest clouds
I have borrowed two rainbows to fashion a ring for my love
Satisfy me dear, satiate my thirst fully
Let your streams quench my longing for bodily warmth
My quest for your treasure chest is strong
My desire for you is formidable, I tremble at your thought of your architecture
I want to hold your oranges and quench my thirst
So intensely do I crave for your mountains, for your valley is their reward
Tastes ablaze from your honeypot, I long for them for they are yet beyond my reach
Set me as a seal upon your heart my love
The embers of my love burn with a most fiery glow
Fill me full my love
Feed me till I want more and more
This fire burns vigorously, I am wood, you the flame.
Consume my dregs and refine my substance like gold.
I am my lover’s, my lover is mine.
We are mine
We are hers.

Henry Olamiju
Twitter: @holamiju

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