Free from Freedom

Thanks for your continued visits and patronage of my blog and the numerous tweets and retweets on Twitter.
Today, I am pleased to introduce a guest writer to you.
She’s a very sweet and eclectic person whose numerous exploits still make me marvel. Her piece here, though short, is worth reading and pondering upon.
Welcome Dolamu Badejo. – Henry Olamiju

By Dolamu Badejo

I heard this quote at the movie titled Avengers, and yes I couldn’t help but give it some extra thought… It was deep, at least to me.

Every time we want to be free, we want to get out, we desperately want to jump into the ”driver’s” seat, we are tired of being led, enslaved psychologically, we are tired of being broke, being without someone or is it not being with someone, being hurt, being depressed, being under the ‘crunched’ economy – we want to be free… But the truth is, the quest for freedom captivates, WE ARE STILL BOUND!!! Because even beyond these things, we are still not free indeed.

To be free from freedom or its quest, you have to free the mind, free the spirit, and free the body all at once – you free them from anger (consciously), of hate, of jealousy, of shame, of poverty, of sorrow…

To be free from the quest of freedom, consciously ensure you show love and kindness to everyone you meet daily – even that ‘mad’ boss at your workplace! To be free from the quest of freedom, show serious cum genuine respect and love for the place (wherever it is, however it is) that brings you any legal income (however small it is).

Finally to be free from freedom, be content; see Oprah Winfrey!
Only then will you experience inner peace, appreciate life and your increase, only then will you know you were NEVER bound – you had been set free all along.

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