Henry Olamiju

“Much food is in the tillage of the poor but there’s that is destroyed for lack of judgment.” ~ Pro 13:23

The difference between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ is NEVER in the abundance of material possessions on the outside. It lies in the amount of work done to cultivate the ground upon which they stand. Many just ‘celebrate’ what they have or have-not and this is a superficial level of existence. Cultivate, don’t celebrate…

As the above scripture suggests, there’s abundance in the heart of everyone, plenty untapped resources, several gifts able to make a person prosper WITHIN the circumstances of their lives. What, however, classifies one person as poor or as rich is not in the opportunities given but in the harnessing of those opportunities.

The poor man cries: “I have nothing…” but doesn’t see that his ground is just waiting for him to plough it and put a seed there and watch it grow. Cultivate, don’t celebrate…

In the fields of our minds, there’s much food, food for us and a for generation. Our minds have been richly blessed and are ready to start yielding fruits. Are we cultivating the acres of land in our minds?

Let’s take it a step further, some of us are self-employed and hence feel we’re on course, true. However, you need to rethink it again. Things have changed since you started your business: new opportunities, fresh technologies have propped up, you’ve met new people and so, you should review your modus operandi for better productivity. Cultivate, don’t celebrate…

Lastly, do what Prov 14:23 – In all labour there’s profit but the TALK of the lips tend only to penury – implies: keep it to yourself. Every new idea should first be processed, cultivated and nurtured to growth before you utter a word about it. You can seek advice from competent sources but please don’t involve anyone who would JUST CONGRATULATE your thinking and wish you luck because when you do, you short-circuit the system.

Cultivate, don’t celebrate…


(C) @holamiju


  1. Am richly blessed by ur write-ups,its very inspiring and just on point. I therefore,pray for more anointing & holyghost inspiration, God bless you.


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