Henry Olamiju

” In Rama was there a voice heard, lamentation, and weeping, and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children, and would not be comforted, because they are not.” ~ Matthew 2 verse 18

Oh! How The Sun sets…

Agony stumbles out of the forest into the centre of the village.
Weeping descends from its abode in the high tree.
Sorrow spreads its wings as it saunters out of it cave.
Calamity rouses itself from sleep

Oh! How the dark rises.

The sound of groaning mothers erupt like a rushing mighty wind
Four mothers weeping and wailing Distraught, they weep; shattered, they wail
They would not be consoled

Oh! How the candle burns out.

Tears stream down ceaselessly like springs of hot water
Groans, deep and drawn-out expel air in hopeless expiration
Voices tremble as bodies quake in turbulent shiver
Heaviness grips the heart like a beast its helpless prey

Oh! How sorrow flows.

The children’s cries ring out loud in the mothers’ ears
They look to rescue, cuddle and tell them it is alright but they cannot
Alas, their sons are no more
Their babies, plucked from their very hands

Oh! How the Sun sets…

The music fades from the heart of men
Sound ceases from the barrel of the flute
The horn rues its sudden void
The Drum aborts its anticipated beats

Oh! How the Sun sets…

The fledging river slows and dries
The boisterous spring spurts then ceases
The refreshing wind gasps and dies
The verdant leaves grow fawn and flowers fade

Oh! How the Sun sets.

Ugonna, Tekana, Lloyd, Chidiaka
Young, strong and lively
You were brimming with life, full of hopes and dreams
But were cut short at your primes

Oh! How the Sun has set at noon.

© 2012

P.S. There’s a spirit in man…

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