Looking Forward to 2016: The 6 degrees of separation.

December 31, 2015

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2015 is a year that will remain in recent memory of Nigeria and Nigerians for a long time to come because of the watershed of events that have stamped it in the annals of Nigerian politics and economy. The year the dollar hit N250, the year a barrel of oil sold for less than $50, the year a sitting African president was defeated in a general election, the year of Oduahgate, Allisongate, Dasukigate, etc.

Indeed it was a very stressful year. The country had its big election and thankfully it went without the doom predicted, we however did not escape the gloom that has followed the revelations of ignominous brigandry that left our treasuries empty and our ‘change’ being measured in kobo rather than naira talk less of dollar.

We at Gushingflow too experienced our own downtime as we could not sustain the generators that powered our servers, the ink in our pens too dried up like the treasuries and had to allow our editors go on a sabbatical to other industries for the basic sustenance. In 2015, we had the fewest clicks, likes or follows since we started our publication 5 years ago.

Now 2016 is just around the corner and we are really glad that things are gearing to get back to shape for us and we hope that it will be the same for Nigerians at home and in diaspora. This post is not about Nigeria, it is about you. You and you alone. As you read this post, we want you to realise that some people have already entered the new year. A little birdie from those parts have told us what to expect and we would like to share a few of the tips we got about the year you are about to enter into. We call them the 6 degrees of separation using Frigyes Karinthy‘s Theory

  1.  Hope

Hope glass

2016 is a year filled with good times and the other times. If 2015 was a downtime, then look forward to 2016 as the year of going up. The most critical thing to life is hope. Hope that tomorrow will be either be the same or get better. The ones who do not have this hope are those who commit suicide. Start this year looking on the bright side of things. Hope, hope and hope; after you are done hoping, hope some more!

The Book says faith is the substance of things hoped for, if you don’t first get hope, there can be no substance given to cause materialisation of the hope.

Look, when you’re backed up against the wall and you have done everything you possibly can, just know that it will not last forever and keep on pushing on.


  1. Take off the Gloves


dirty hands

You know those times you just want to work in your little garden at the back of your house and you wear those pricey gloves you got from Walmart’s? Well those are not these times; in 2016, you want to get those soft, fluffy gloves off and get your hands into the run of things (or better still get those heavy-duty gloves). This is not the year to have tangential relationship with your dreams, it is the time to get your feet into the mud and drag the vehicle of your endeavours out of the miry clay! When you you hear “light at the end of the tunnel”, think not of the tunnel as one dark alley, think of it as a hole YOU have to burrow through till you get to the surface where light is. If there’s a task set before a few of you, grab it without waiting for someone to nominate you. Throw yourself into challenges that will task you a little more than usual. In short, bite more than you have ever bitten before and realise how much more you can chew now.


  1. Meditate


There is a reason we eat most food cooked; this is simply because most food items are not in the state in which our digestive systems can easily absorb them hence the need to first cook them before the digestive system now does the rest.

Morale of the story? Engage your mind, heart and hands in the pursuance of your dreams. Stop the lazy cycle of starting things that come to you as ideas before you have thoroughly run the ideas through the factory of your mental faculty (that’s why it is called a faculty, right?) and wondering why it all crashed thereafter. If you get a new information about something you have ever been involved in, process it afresh; if you experienced failure in 2015, process the steps that led to that point, identify the wrong moves and do better in 2016


  1. Connect


There’s this saying I grew up with: “Whoever the devil wants to destroy, he first isolates”. Then I later heard another like unto it: “When GOD wants to bless you, he sends someone to you and if the devil wants to curse you, he sends someone to you”.

In 2016, you have to review the people that form your inner circle. If you want to have a different outlook in the new year, there is no better way than modify the people that surround you. If you work in one of those sectors that practically render you a social recluse (banking, health etc) then I suggest you join one of these volunteer organisations: Rotary, Soroptimists, Lions etc. That way, you ensure that you are not isolated and then you begin to find new life in being part of something much bigger than you.

For some, the connection may be formed at the local country club or at the gym or even at the foot of the Lekki bridge during the morning jog. Whatever you do, don’t allow your life slowly slip away while you are busy with work, connect!


  1. Play


If you want to make 2016 a memorable year, don’t forget to SCHEDULE play times into your weekly/monthly program. Look out for fun places to go in your locality and have a plan to go with friends, family to have a nice time. Sometimes though, you don’t even need to go out, just get some board games (remember Snakes and Ladder, chess, Monopoly etc ?I don’t play Ludo because even children beat me at it) and invite friends over for an evening. Look, I recently went to the revamped Apapa amusement park and got on the only crazy ride for my age and boy, it was a dizzying experience.


  1. Be true to yourself
Illustration of an unlucky bird at the centre of the attention of his friends.

Just because everyone does it that way does not mean you have to.

This is probably the most important of all these for 2016. In all things, even when you are trying to change some things around you, NEVER compromise on WHO you are. The ‘what’, ‘where’, ’how’, ‘when’ of your life may change but WHO you are in your innermost core must never be violated. If you truly desire something, then go for it but if you find yourself longing for something that does not resonate with your core, make a u-turn.

You see, we become the best we can be by discovering how best to be who we really are, not by be-ing someone else. The secret to anyone’s success in this life is tied to the very socio-genetic constitutional wiring. Remember that the larva always had in it the potential to become a butterfly; and as it goes through a series of changes –time playing its own role- it becomes what it had always been. Imagine a larva desperately trying hard to become a fast-moving centipede because it feels too slow? Many atimes, that’s what happens to many of us not knowing that the processes we go through are actually designed to lead to the point of our greatest realisation of ourselves.

Albert Einstein said: “The woman who follows the crowd wil usually go no further than the crowd. The woman who walks alone is likely to find herself in places no one has ever been before”

In summary, go into 2016 hoping that your ‘hard’ work, coupled with your meditation and people-connect will help you enjoy your lifetime as you unravel the best there is of you!


From all of us at Gushingflow, have a superb 2016!

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