Life As A Game: Press START

November 16, 2016

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“Life is a game. We must keep playing the game. The more we play, the more we will understand the game of life.” – Lailah Gifty Akita


It’s been a while since I put pen to paper as they say even though now we just hit keyboards and type away. It is interesting to see that in my life time, things have turned so much around it looks like the days of paper cards and monochromic computers running on BASIC were eons ago. The bottom line is that things have really changed in the society.

Change, they say is the only constant thing in life; i like the addition rendered by a popular dark ale which goes: “…change for the better is always more appealing.” The series of changes that have come upon our world have not only made it easier to get things done, they have greatly turned around our lives.

At the very core of these changes are individuals who have given their time, energy to the actualisation of these changes to society. They have probably been drained of blood, sweat and tears in the desire to advance the course of humanity whether it is in civil rights, technology, economics, leadership, sports, journalism, etc. These people have raised the bar for humanity, they have redefined the limits of the human experience and pushed the borders of our collective reasonings.

These guys are the GAME CHANGERS.

You see, I have chosen an algorithm by which I look at the events of life in order to make sense of it and that algorithm is that of LIFE AS A GAME.

If life is a game and humans are the game players, then one must understand the rules that govern the game in order to succeed at the game. Why did I choose this paradigm of a game? I find that games are necessarily designed to have obstacles that prevent the characters from succeeding but then we go ahead full throttle in order to surmount every challenge the game brings to us HAPPILY! That is where our pleasure lies, in overcoming the obstacles set for us. Do you get my drift now? Whether you like it or not, life is rigged with difficulties, impossibilities, sharp curves, curved balls that make the experience unpredictable, if you are going to succeed in life, you have to get into the game of life like you actually signed up voluntarily for it.

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Come to terms with the inevitability of obstacles and get your mind prepared to grab the bull by the horns and play your role as best as you possible can. It is only when you get used to the fact that many games need to be played over and over again to achieve mastery do you then realise that life need to be played as many times as possible to achieve the same.

I remember the days of Super Mario Bros, I got so used to playing the game that I started dreaming up moves that I would quickly go and see if they were practicable, guess what? I ‘founded’ several moves!!!

My point today is this, life as we knew it in the 1980s is so very different from what it is now and the changes were brought about by people who had played the game of life well enough to ‘found’ several moves. You can sit where you are and continue to give excuses as the reason you are not making progress in life and blame everybody but yourself or you could grab the keypad of your gamelife and press the start button!

There are people look forward to be helped by Mr X and Mrs Y, there are those who think their lives have ended because of an event A in the past, there are those who are waiting on Uncle Luck to shine on them like ripe cherries falling from a tree but then there are those who choose to write their own history and stamp their feet in the sands of time. They refused to be defined by the past or intimidated by the future, they are sometimes weak, disappointed, beset by failures and negativities but they never give up.

Everytime, they remember it is just a game. They have fun while the rides last until they have gotten their heart desires.

The game of life is an ongoing, everyday affair. You have been enrolled since the day you were born. Sorry, you can’t get out of it alive so grab that wheel, engage your gear and fire up your engines.

If you have not started: PRESS START

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